Jason Lugauskas


Jason Lugauskas is a man of many talents...  and great hair! As an actor, model, illustrator, writer, and filmmaker Jason is a quintuple threat! When he is not working on illustrating or writing, Jason enjoys baking delicious baked goods for his friends and working out. He is part Lithuanian and  is currently learning how to speak German. When Jason puts his mind on a task there is little he can't do!

He was originally born in California, grew up in Waterbury, Connecticut and now lives near Orlando, Florida. In school, Jason took up art classes and has had some acting experience in  commercials and short films. On his Youtube channel he has made vlog videos reviewing film and TV, including a travel video where he travels to Los Angeles and visits the secret grave site of the beloved Walt Disney!

Most recently Jason has been featured modeling for CROMA Creative and appeared in the promo for the "Croma Collection". He is also currently writing a fantasy series about a boy who discovers he is the last in line of a legendary order of "Dragon Lords." 

Jason looks forward to tapping into his creative potential in the upcoming year and being a beacon for creative inspiraton.