Randall White

Randall White is a Lighting Designer living in Orlando, Florida. He hails from the city of Compton, California where his journey of creativity began. From humble beginnings Randall's family was full of creative people. His grandmother and great-grandmother owned a floral arrangement business and shop, his aunt a jeweler, twin brother an illustrator, and late mother had many creative talents. In fact, Randall's mother was his biggest inspiration growing up - inspiring him to play music, and appreciate art, film, and dance.

He has dabbled in many different mediums trying to find a creative voice. These include playing music in school, studying film, and most recently theatrical lighting design. During lockdown of 2020 Randall took an interest in color studies and read many books on Color psychology, theory, culture, and history which inspired him to start CROMA Creative. As an aspiring creative he hopes to continue expanding his talents and use CROMA to build a vibrant creative community that is as boundless as the many hues in the color spectrum.

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Randall's Lighting Design Portfolio site. www.randallwhiteproductions.com

 ~For Cynthia~