Dorrin Gingerich

At 24 years old, Dorrin Gingerich was working a full-time job when he began to notice tremors in his neck. He suspected what was going on. He always had a problem with his dominant right arm clenching and curling whenever it held anything. It wasn't until his senior year in high school that he was diagnosed with an incurable neurological movement disorder called Dystonia. Over that life-changing year, the tremors would grow more violent and spread to his back and tongue.

His doctors recommended he quit his job as his Dystonia got worse. Finding himself without a job, Dorrin struggled to find his purpose in life.

He eventually returned to one of his old hobbies, art. He began to experiment with comic book collages when he realized he had found a fun niche. Now Dorrin works predominantly in the medium of acrylic painting. His popular crisscross technique started as an abstract piece when he realized the pixel-like squares could make an image. His crisscross paintings are his favorite kind to work on, they always turn out so vibrant and interesting.

Despite still being sensitive to stress, Dorrin has increased his body's ability to control itself by getting plenty of rest, working out with a trainer, and receiving Botox treatment. The combined effects of his Christian faith as well as coming out of the closet have helped him immensely. He hopes his story can be an inspiration to other LGBTQ+ people, disabled individuals, and people of faith.

He currently lives near Lancaster, PA and was raised in Middlebury, IN. He hopes to one day work with a ghostwriter to write a memoir about his life and struggles.