"CROMA Theory" Multimedia Art Installation Appearing in IMMERSE 2021

I am excited to announce our first immersive art installation! "CROMA Theory" was cooked up by me and will be implemented with the help of my friend Brian McKelvy and his company Brickhouse Creative LLC.

 It will be lined with RGB changing LED neon that will change color along with video imagery that will be projected in the middle.

“CROMA Theory” - A Lighting and AR Installation

For years my dream has been to create an immersive space that uses light, color, and art to take people to different places or evoke shared feeling and emotion within a crowd. With technology advancing it gets easier every day to create these environments. My favorite part of doing lighting design for theatre so far has been choosing the colors! In fact, learning about color has become a new hobby of mine as I strive to become a color scholar reading the likes of Josef Albers and Pantone’s Leatrice Eiseman.

“Chroma Theory” is my inaugural art installation, and will take it’s viewers on a journey of color appreciation using immersive lighting techniques and projection mapping. Guests walking through the festival will be drawn in to an area illuminated by the soft glow of familiar shapes and vibrant colors that evoke feelings of awe and child-like inspiration. Visuals will help guide viewers through the symbolism and psychology behind color. They may see blue and explore the peaceful depths of the ocean or be mystified by the vast violet specter of outer space - brim with passion and might at the sight of red racing cars before finding tranquility in a lush green rain forest.


    • Concept and Inspiration for “Croma Theory”

“Icehouse Architect” by. Lily Reeves

In “Icehouse Architect” Lily Reeves uses neon light and projection to mesmerize gallery guests and share a contemporary myth about a girl who travels the world absorbing heat and freezing the waters to reverse the effects of glacial melt.

I love Reeves’ use of neon and projection storytelling and am inspired to make my own, similar art. Instead of neon I’d like to use RBG LED strips and plastic / plexiglass for my installation. Using LED lights will give me control over the colors of the shapes so I can change color and graphics to create specific moods. Instead of a wall I’d like to suspend the shape using steel cable or create a stand for it. Also put a screen-like surface to project on in the middle using rear-projection for a clean setup and allow people to walk up to installation for full immersion.

For the projections I will use imagery that matches the color and associated color mood. It will provide stunning visuals that will illustrate natural and cultural meanings behind color.

~My Colorful Reading List~

We are very excited about this project and hop you will come see it yourself at IMMERSE 2021 in Downtown Orlando. (October 15-16th)